"Eeeee, it scratches!!!" Such and similar comments bearded men had to and must hear again and again. Beards are considered to be unkempt and antisocial. The public barbophobia seems not to know any limit. One of the heights and aptest mirror of the common opinion was the description of the film "Carrington - Liebe bis in den Tod" (ARD, August 30th, 1998, 23.30 h) in the TV-magazine "TV TODAY": "...While she tiptoes into his bedroom at night to free him finally from his ugly beard ...". Even in the gay scene rules a marked youth cult. The scheme "younger than 30, without beard, glasses or tummy" culminated in 1997 in a "BOX"-announce containing word-to-word: "Beards ... are making me sick!". So in a number of greater cities groups for gay bearded men were founded to take definite steps against this monotonous, boring and annoying fashion dictate and youth-mania, to fight this double discrimination and to show that there are gay men also who quite adore hairy and bearded men. So for the the areas of Bergisch Land, Ruhr and lower Rhine the BERGBÄREN developed. For not favor above one city in this area we decided to get this coinage containing our home region - the BERGISCH LAND - and the german term for gay bearded, furry men - BÄREN.

All gay men who have a beard, who love beards or - naturally - both can come to us. We only got one exclusion criterion: Who officially and uninhibited runs other members down, who tries to plot and scheme against one or more members or "outs" himself unmistakably as being right-winged is not welcome!

We want to appeal to a destinated target group but we aren't a "mattress club". Of course we have nothing against if two (or more) members share one bed. If friendships or relationships are closed at the BERGBÄREN we self-evidently agree with it. Because: What pleases the concerned is allowed. But important for our good atmosphere is only the character. Interested won't be selected by the preferences of any members.

After all these formal declarations we don't want to let the fun getting too short. Because the idea of our group is to meet like-minded, to make great experiences together and to find contacts. So just take a look and join us.