A short self-description with Bear code:
me:B3 t- w- c+ g+ k s+(+) r-v

When I was born in 1976, nobody knew what would become of me. Some people say that you still didn't know it today. In every case I'm an active lifely twen today.

It all began in Leverkusen. Whoever got the chance to cross the Klinikum Leverkusen can remember me... After my parents and me moved to Monheim - a small town near Düsseldorf - in 1978, I moved - after being a lucky child - to Wuppertal at the Bergisch Land in 1995 for discover the whole wide world...

I adore men since I was 12. Since the beginning I look for my today's bears of my dreams: pithy, masculine, playful, bearded and occasionally furry men for having a big time by cuddle. With this affection I came to the Cologne Bears, where I could make my first experiences. Cologne developed at all to my center of living. After I moved to Wuppertal I've had the idea to found a Bear group for the area of the Bergisch Land - the BERGBÄREN were born! Since 1997 I care for the regulary dates and for the "old" and "new" members as well as the public relations.

Beside Bears I'm of course interested in other things like
public transportation, be with friends, politics (from 1993 to 2003 I was member of Bündnis 90/Die Grünen)...
I even like reading and often do so (if you're riding so often by public transportation you got a lot of time for it) and also like good music (all but techno or boygroups). For other fields of interest I'm open-minded.

In relationships I've done many good and bad experiences. Actually I'm single again. Ernst - a really lovely Bear from Lower Saxony/Germany I met at the Cologne Bear night in 1999 - died unfortunately in June 2005.
I got strong friendships to many Bears. I also stay in contact with other groups like Cologne, Hamburg or Brussels/Belgium.

If you like to meet me, just come to one of our next dates or send me an email. Let's see what will become...